This right there? This is how you handle feature suggestions by your users. This feels just awesome, Note how they apparently have a field in their issue tracker for keeping track of the user(s) who requested the feature, in order to send them updates. Btw, that ticket originally was a support request by me where I asked for a pretty technical thing (rejecting certain addresses at SMTP RCPT TO time). It got forwarded to a “senior agent” within 24 hours who explained(!) why they can’t do it right now and suggested alternatives.

Show thread The only thing that’s missing now is an email next week telling me “We’ve determined your request to be a quick win and will include it in our next sprint. It should be implemented and deployed within the next two weeks.” 😏

Show thread But see how easy this is? Take 5 minutes to add a field to your issue tracker. Take another 5 minutes per task to send an email to the customer once the request gets implemented. That way, your customers feel excited and heard, not like they’re talking to a faceless corporation.

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