I love open culture on the internet and the diverse, alternative, indie content people produce each day.

However, if I’d be watching your content on , I’d be supporting the exact opposite: Amazon’s reckless dog-eat-dog capitalist methods.

I won’t do that. Sorry.

There are other services available, and yes, I’m aware that these are usually also run by large capitalist corporations. This is not a binary black-or-white issue; I think that Microsoft or Google can simultaneously be _bad_, but still _better_ than Amazon.

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And yes, it’s a matter of personal preference to some degree. You might think Microsoft is worse, because they collaborate with ICE. Or Google, because they paid Andy Rubin millions in severance. But this right here is my thread and my preference. ;)

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I’ve stopped streaming on Twitch 1½ years ago, and starting today, I’ll stop watching anyone’s streams there. Yes, even if I love your content. I’m actively trying to get rid of Amazon everywhere in my life, and I can’t justify keeping Twitch out of that.

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And yes, I’m aware that Twitch is the “biggest” streaming service, probably giving you (as a streamer) the best exposure. But multi-service streaming exists. You could try it out. Or simply not care about people like me. It’s okay. I just wanted to speak my mind.

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And of course not a week later the non-Amazon streaming service I’d recommend the most (Mixer) is shutting down. Ugh.

I know that PeerTube is working on live streaming, but it doesn’t seem to be arriving any time soon … joinpeertube.org/roadmap

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