@scy daaaamn, I hadn't seen the casting for this role!

@rixx Now I’m confused. You know her from somewhere else and didn’t watch The Expanse?

@scy I only know the books, I haven't kept up with the show

@rixx Ah, funny, it’s the other way around for me. I heard that the show’s Drummer is a mixture between the books’ Drummer and the books’ Michio. No idea how both of these characters are like, but let me tell you: The show’s Drummer is absolutely badass. You should watch it!

@scy IIRC the show won't follow the books to the end (?), so I'll finish the books first, and not sure I really need to watch the series after that …

@rixx Amazon has cancelled the show after the current season (6), which will cover Babylon’s Ashes (book 6). There are rumors that it might continue somewhere else, but nothing is planned.

I think you should give it a try. There are some differences to the books, it’s generally a _really_ good and beautiful/well-made show. Also, for example, Ty Franck said that the show’s Avasarala is “better than what we thought or what we put in the books”.

@scy I don't doubt that the show is good – but even if it's better than the book, I'm not sure watching it is worth it /given that I've read the books already/

@scy @solene Reading the character in her voice is ever so much fun.

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