Me: “Hmm, I wonder why my Windows machine loses its IPv6 address after some time.”

*fires up wireshark*

dnsmasq: “You know what, I’ll just stop sending router advertisements after some time. You can’t make me!”

“Some time” here being, with an interval setting of 5s(!), a mere 64 seconds (after sending 7 RAs).

Oh, wait, there’s been an 8th one, 530 s after #7.

I’m not capturing solicitations though right now, so I’m not sure whether a machine asked for it.

I mean, the source ( says something about “some ra_times will end up zeroed if it's not appropriate to advertise those contexts” but I struggle to understand what the exact conditions of that might be and why my setup could be “inappropriate”.


lol surprise you need to actually configure the RA interval on the interface you’re sending the RAs on to make it work 🤦‍♂️ who would have guessed


(Might change the values later on, this was just for debugging.)

Now wondering if a similar simple error on my side keeps me from configuring stateful filtering on the bridge device. Every time I try something with “ct state” in my nftfilter, I just get “protocol error”. 🤷‍♂️

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